Career counseling & overseas education consultancy are the domains of expertise of ACE Study Overseas. All our services are focused on you - the student. We provide our students with professional & personalized guidance in every single step of learning abroad.


ACE Study Overseas focuses on understanding the requirements and personal goals of every single student that approaches us with respect to his / her higher education. Our career guidance experts first evaluate it and then shortlist courses, universities and countries for that student. We guide the student through the right path for getting admission in their dream universities abroad.


The experts at ACE Study Overseas help the students in choosing from a wide range of courses available for them to study abroad. Our domain expertise helps the student in understanding the details of each course modules and then to choose the right course for them. Our students have a very wide variety of courses to choose from. We are selective about the courses that our students apply for and we ensure that they have an aptitude towards a course that they select.


ACE Study Overseas has build a professional business network with various universities and colleges in more than 10 countries including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We have an extensive list of colleges and course options available under each of them, from where you can conclude on your admission, at your convenience. Each country is unique in its course offering, cost of study, scholarships, course duration, part-time work permit, living expenses, post-study work permit and permanent residency, etc… Based on various parameters, the experts at ACE Study Overseas help the students in choosing the best country so as to meet their learning goals and also their future career prospects.


To choose the best university and college based on a student's profile and expectations is indeed a tough task, especially if he / she wish to study abroad. The team of expert counselors at ACE Study Overseas analyzes the requirements of the student and based on these parameters, they recommend appropriate universities for the student to choose from. We've been providing admissions for several students at over 100 universities and education institutions in every country. We also provide accurate, comprehensive and updated information to our students on applying to various universities abroad.


ACE Study Overseas makes the admission process easy and transparent for you, right from the preparation of the necessary documents for application to the co-ordination with the universities in relation to your admission. We help potential students from their early stages of research to providing assistance with applications and continuous support, until you have started your first term in your college. ACE Study Overseas holds itself completely responsible for the student's application process thereby providing them sufficient time to concentrate more on their academics.


ACE Study Overseas maintains a professional business relationship with several universities all over the world for admitting their students every academic year. We have a high success rate in securing offer letters for their students from their dream universities. We coordinate with the authorities of the respective universities on your behalf so as to ensure you're your admission process advances quickly & smoothly. ACE Study Overseas bares the overall responsibility of accepting the university's offer and then executing the necessary admission formalities of the student on his behalf.


Cost is always an important factor for students to consider when it comes to overseas education. In fact, most of the hesitations about studying abroad are typically related to the monetary factor. ACE Study Overseas helps their students in making their dreams come true by assisting them in receiving scholarships for their studies abroad. We've enough success stories to boast about in helping our students receive scholarships (both merit-based and need-based scholarships) and bursaries from various universities in UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand every year. Scholarships are the monetary awards for students to use them for meeting various expenses like travel, course credits, books, lodging, etc… while studying overseas.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a proficiency examination in English that the non-native students are supposed to take so as to study in countries where the medium of instruction is English. IELTS certificate is accepted by most of the universities in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. ACE Study Overseas offers personalized IELTS training sessions for their students who are planning to appear for IELTS examination prior to their departure from India. The professional training approach from the finest instructors, intelligent learning methodology, comprehensive IELTS training material and personal assistance that we provide helps our students achieve their target scores in IELTS for their admission purposes.


ACE Study Overseas has a 100% success rate in providing student visas for all the countries that their students are seeking admission in. We help them in arranging necessary visa documents and preparation of visa files and we offer complete student visa processing services like immigration lawyer expertise, immigration processes and many more. We make them participate in few mock interview sessions for setting them up for their visa interviews. We also keep ourselves updated about the visa regulations in different countries that help us in continuously attaining visas for our students.


ACE Study Overseas provides detailed, well-structured information to the students about their way of accommodation in a foreign country. We help them to choose from the various residential models available to them, which are close to their campus. We explain about different type of accommodations that fits to your needs and budget.


ACE Study Overseas gives utmost importance in briefing every student about settling quickly & easily in an environment that is totally new to them, prior to their journey abroad. This briefing session helps the students in making arrangements for their travel, foreign currency, mobile phone, part-time job options and several other important things for a comfortable life there. Along with a chance to familiarize an entirely new living style and culture of the destination country, this briefing also provides our student and their parents an opportunity to meet other students who are going for an admission possibly to the same university.