WHY STUDY IN ireland

Ireland is a beautiful destination with a combination of modern cities and rich natural habitat. The Ireland Republic provides a blend of history, culture, entertainment, and adventure all at one place. It offers over 5000+ programs and there is something for every student. Ireland has produced famous authors like Yeats and Shaw. It has a young vibrant population and is one of the most exciting places to study in. The Emerald Isle offers a striking landscape which is breathtaking and is popularly known as the “land of saints and scholars”. It also offers a lot of activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

ireland AT A GLANCE

Ireland has a temperate oceanic climate all year round. The popular places in Ireland are West Cork, Galway, Dingle and the Ring of Kerry. The Irish folklore and cuisine attract many tourists every year. It provides a lot of options for sports through surfing, paragliding, caving and mountain biking. It is also famous for the Irish outdoor team game called Hurling. The castles of Ireland offer vibrant gardens, battlement views, and mysterious underground caves.


Ireland is a dynamic and modern country with one of the best education systems in Europe. It has close links to the industry and is characterized by flexibility and creativity. Known for its scientific research, it is also home to leading MNCs like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Intel etc. Irish people are very friendly and welcoming which makes it easy for international students to cope with the environment. Ireland has a lot to offer to students who love exploring new places as it has myriad of cuisines and panoramic sceneries.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  • Trinity College Dublin

  • University College Dublin

  • University College Cork

  • Dublin City University

  • Dublin Institute of Technology

Popular Courses

  • Computer Science

  • Data Analytics

  • MBA/Management

  • Nursing

  • Biotechnology & Pharmacy related courses

Education Cost in Ireland

The courses in Ireland cost between 9000 Euros to 45,000 Euros per year for the undergraduate degrees. For the post graduate courses, it ranges from 9500 to 35,000 Euros per annum. The tuition fee depends on your chosen field of the program as well as your university. The living expenses in Ireland range from 7000 to 10000 euros annually.

1            Trinity College Dublin                                                                       www.tcd.ie

2              University College Dublin, Dublin                                                   www.ucd.ie

3              The National University of Ireland Galway                                     www.nuigalway.ie

4              University College Cork, Cork                                                        www.ucc.ie

5              Dublin City University, Dublin                                                         www.dcu.ie

6              University of Limerick , Limerick                                                     www.ul.ie

7              Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin                                            www.dit.ie

8              Athlone Institute of Technology, Westmeath (AIT)                         www.ait.ie

9              Maynooth University, Maynooth                                                    www.maynoothuniversity.ie

10           Institute of Technology, Carlow                                                      www.itcarlow.ie

11           Limerick Institute of Technology                                                     www.lit.ie

12           National College of Ireland                                                            www.ncirl.ie

13           Dublin Business School, Dublin                                                    www.dbs.ie

14           Griffith College                                                                              www.griffith.ie

15           Shannon College of Hotel Management, A college of NUI Galway   www.shannoncollege.com